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SPINDRIFT all-natural, carrageenan-free, seaweed-based formulations now available for wet prepared pet food.


  • Excellent meat structure

  • Flavor release

  • Firm gel structure

  • Minimal fat separation


  • Great shine

  • Wide range of texture

  • Single-stage or
    multi-stage fill

Chunks in Jelly

  • Use with Meat Chunk Binder

  • No excess water

  • Excellent clarity and gel structure

Meat Chunk Binding

  • Use with Chunks in Jelly

  • Consistent density

  • Low shrinkage

  • Firm meat structure

We formulate your product to work with your desired packaging.

Our Promise

We will work with you to formulate your product until you are 100% satisfied.

Mannasol has been formulating custom blends for wet, dry, and semi-most pet food for over thirty five years, and over this span of years we have developed expertise in getting taste and texture right.

We know that every customer and every product is different, so we have developed a precise and customizable set of manufacturing processes that in response to a customer’s unique requirements as to ingredient mix, preparation, process and retort conditions. 

Click here to learn more about our technical service.

We are fully certified and in compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

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